Corporation Tax Return

At DS Burge & Co, our team of specialist tax accountants can help ensure your corporation tax return is filed correctly and submitted before the deadline.

In order to file a company tax return, we’ll need to work out how much corporation tax your business is liable for. Our specialist team will take advantage of any tax relief available to you. Our bespoke service allows us to help advise you on the latest exemptions, allowances and deductions available to minimise your tax liability.

By understanding your unique business needs, we can also advise the most efficient way to structure your business for growth and to mitigate risk.

Let us save you the headache and the stress of dealing with HMRC and do it on your behalf so you never miss a deadline and always pay the correct amount in tax.


What is a Corporation tax return?

If your business is a Limited company (“Limited” or “Ltd”) you must complete a Company Tax Return, officially known as a “Corporation Tax Return (CT600)”. This is irrespective of whether your business makes a profit or a loss.

If your business is a limited company based in the UK, you must pay corporation tax on your taxable profits. Even if your business isn’t primarily based in the UK, if you operate a UK branch or office you will need to pay corporation tax on profits from your UK actives.

To work out how much corporation tax you will need to pay, we will need to submit a company tax return on your behalf.

Company profits that are subject to corporation tax include:

  • Trading profits
  • Income from investments
  • Chargeable gains (selling assets for more than they cost)

Following on from the submission of your company tax return, you will then need to pay your corporation tax before a secondary deadline (more below).


Company Tax Return Deadline?

The deadline for filing your Company Tax Return is 12 months after the end of your ‘accounting period’ it relates to. The exact date is not the same for every business and will depend on when your company was set-up. If we didn’t help with your company formation, and you’re unsure of your accounting period we can help you find the relevant dates.

There is then a secondary deadline for actually paying your Corporation Tax. This is typically 9 months and one day after the end of your accounting period discussed above.

Please beware that there is a penalty for missing your Company Tax Return deadline, and this will vary depending on how late you file.

Don’t delay, get in touch with our Surbiton Accountants office today!


How to register for Corporation Tax?

In order to register for Corporation Tax, you’ll need your company’s 10-digit Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR). You can then register for Corporation Tax online using your Government Gateway user ID and password.

If you’re struggling to find this information please just get in touch, and we can help take care of the registration on your behalf.


What information do I need to provide for a Company Tax Return?

For your company tax return, you’ll need a copy of your company’s annual accounts.


Filing your Company Tax Return? How do I submit a Corporation Tax Return to HMRC?

You can either get an accountancy firm like DS Burge & Co to submit on your behalf or you can do it yourself.

How DS Burge & Co takes the stress out of your Company Tax Return

  1. Prior to working on your Company Tax Return, we’ll ask for a number of documents from you, which you can post to us, send via email or upload via our website. We’ll ask for the information well in advance of the deadline so there is plenty of time for us to get them finalised, this also allows you more time to budget for your corporation tax.
  2. We’ll then check through your accounts, make sure everything is in order, and compute your Company Tax Return.
  3. As part of your Company Tax Return, we’ll also work out how much your business owes in Corporation Tax, taking advantage of any tax relief you can claim. Where possible, we’ll also help reduce your business’s tax liabilities.
  4. We’ll then submit your Corporation Tax Return CT600 and file it with HMRC and Companies Hosue